Carneddau Ponies of Snowdonia

About this image

This image was taken on a photowalk that I arranged with “Godfather of Photography” Rick Sammon if you’ve never heard of Rick shame on you! in the early years of digital photography I learnt a lot from the guy!  Anyway back to the image, I was back marker making sure no one got left behind or lost (which is really funny when someone needs to make a call of nature they hold back waiting for you to pass and then eventually say sheepishly whilst crossing their legs why they’re lagging behind). The entire group walked past this pair without noticing, whilst they weren’t moving in the undergrowth they looked just like rocks! As I approached to take his close up, the male raised from the ground to protect what I didn’t realise at the time was his new born behind the female this is my favorite shot from the sequence.

About the Carneddau mountain ponies of Snowdonia

The Carneddau mountain ponies of Snowdonia are the oldest breed in Britain and date back to around 500BC. They live between 1,900 and 2,000 ft and they are on the endangered species list, there’s not very many of them left on the Carneddau mountains and this is the only place where they are found. Because the horses’ breeding has never been manipulated, they offer an insight into what horses looked like 2,500 years ago.


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