Luxury home? make sure you have aerial photography on your shortlist of questions about what to look for when choosing an estate agent.

How to sell your house quickly.

Are your estate agents keeping up with current trends? There is a wide disparity between figures but estate agents say homes sell 40-68% faster when the listing contains aerial photos. A quick search of one of the UK’s leading estate agents demonstrates the value of this as the vast majority of their listings of luxury homes contain aerial photography.

Aerial photography “creates an emotional response that not only prompts buyers to arrange viewings, but generates more offers and ultimately drive sales”


They go on to say

It is not only grand farms and estates which benefit from drone photography: elevated footage on small, single-acre properties can reveal qualities which otherwise just wouldn’t have been evident.


If you own a luxury home you really don’t want to be inconvenienced by window shoppers and the curious. The inconvenience of having relentless showings of your home can be frustrating.

Consider this when your estate agent offers a virtual tour of your property, you will reduce the number of viewings from the curious and increase the number of viewings of serious buyers.

The things we do to sell our homes

It’s well over 18 years since I last sold my home (and I don’t have any intention of moving ever again), I recall when I sold my home some of the advice given by our estate agents to get our home “ale-ready. Getting professionals in to do the work obviously had cost implications but we did it to get the best possible price for our home.

Drone photography, “caught the eye of national and international press. The exposure led to multiple bids and the successful offer was received within six weeks. Meanwhile, stunning imagery was used for a picture perfect cottage on the banks of Loch Lomond, which ultimately sold for 76 per cent above the guide price”  


You may consider commissioning drone photography privately that way if you do need to change estate agents or have your property with more than one agent, you can supply both with the images.

The same could be true of a VR tour of your home, your agent could simply include a link to the tour in the listing.  

Example VR Tour

View 360° tour full screen