April 1st 2015 marked a new chapter for my photography business, I took redundancy to run my business full time. The funny thing is I thought I would have loads of time to go out and create images like this one, truth be known around 25% of my time is spent actually taking photos, the other 75% of my time is used up processing and managing the day to day running of my business, boring things like accounts! So yesterday when I found that I had a few hours spare due to the bad weather I decided I’d go out and capture this image from the highest tower along the castle walls in Conwy (North Wales).

Explore the image, zoom in and you’ll be amazed what you can see from up there. This image is best viewed from a computer connected to broadband and by clicking the fullscreen button. If you would like to purchase this image please see below

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About the image

This Gigapixel image has been created from 119 images, the final image is just over 1 Gigapixels.

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