When you think of elevated photography what normally springs to mind are images captured from a drone, and although we do offer ‘aerial photography’ sometimes it’s just not practical to deploy an aircraft to capture images.

Elevated photography is a solution that can be deployed in situations where there may be restrictions on the use of drones and offer a cheaper alternative to hiring elevated platforms and their associated risks.  

Our solution for high level elevated photography is the use of what’s often referred to as a telescopic mast or pole. Our telescopic pole consists of 8 sections that is able to reach a respectable height of over 30 foot (over ten meters). It is made from 3K Carbon Fibre composite material so is very strong and able to support our normal commercial work cameras and a variety of lenses and filters.

As with drone photography there are limitations such as weather, most importantly the wind but consideration would also need to be given to the time of the day the images are captured for the direction of the light (especially if the photos are of a property for sale).

The vast majority of our work is for commercial customers and most commercial jobs have a turn around time of five working days. However, if you need your images quicker, we are happy to discuss and try to work to your time frame. Images are delivered via our gallery and are print resolution. We also provide web optimised versions (and in most cases can size to fit your website specifications).

Use the contact me to tell us about your project providing as much detail as possible will allow us to give you the best estimate.