Are disposable cameras at a wedding a good idea?

Disposable camera at wedding reception

The short answer is yes & no! If you visit a website selling disposable wedding cameras you may read statements like disposable cameras are “a picture- perfect way to capture all your special moments on film” and “complement your wedding reception”. However other websites will use statements like not being “held responsible for any poor quality results”. I can see the attraction, they are inexpensive and they add a bit of fun, simply pop them on the table, anyone can use them, then collect at the end of your reception, so is it a yay or a nay?

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Disposable camera wedding packs are a good idea.

Some readers of this blog will read the above statement and shout out WHAT! But here is why I think they are a good idea in certain circumstances. I think disposable cameras can be a good way to keep children entertained, with a few exceptions, the disposable cameras are handed to children to take photos and they love it! (More on this later).

Disposable wedding cameras are a bad idea.

If you think that they are a great way to capture spur of the moment and unique moments you will almost certainly be disappointed, these cameras are inexpensive for a reason, however all is not lost.

Tips for getting the most out of disposable cameras at your wedding.

Here are a few tips to increase your chances of getting a few decent shots from your guests using disposable cameras.
When your pack of disposable cameras arrive take one out (if they came with instructions read them) and have a go at using the camera yourself. Once you’ve understood how to advance the film, charge the flash etc. rewrite the instructions and have your stationery designer make a small tag or sticker with these on for each camera (I see so many guests waste half the film because the film advance wheel on some disposable cameras doesn’t stop when ready for the next shot).

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Disposable camera wedding idea….

So the above deals with the adults but doesn’t get around the problem of the cameras being handed to children and you ending up with half the film wasted because they don’t understand how to use them and a large percentage of the photos being of the floor. Well my advice here is to not put them on the table, choose a point in your reception where there will be a natural break and use this to give the children a surprise then hand out the cameras with an “I spy with my little camera” sheet of items for them to go and find and take photos of (but have someone demonstrate how to use the camera as this is likely the 1st time many of them will have seen a disposable camera). Make it fun but not too hard that they give up and their parents will thank you for the distraction (another tip here is that most kids will go through the list top to bottom so mix up the list so they are not all looking for the same thing.

Once you have all your cameras in you will need to send them off to be processed, doing a quick search on Google I’ve found cost for developing at a reasonable cost from this company they also sell disposable cameras the cost for 9 cameras and processing to a CD is £64.99 (correct at the time of writing this blog) and although listing them in this blog post is not a recommendation I think that’s a good price.

What’s the disposable camera alternative for your wedding?

So you’ve decided that disposable camera wedding pack is not for you so what is the alternative? Well if you are looking to do the disposable camera wedding game mentioned earlier then why not ask around friends and family to see if anyone has any old digital cameras sat in a draw that you can use for this kids activity.

Selfie stick wedding reception is it for you?

Selfie stick at wedding reception

Selfie sticks in the main were a fad last Christmas (2015). They were all the rage and all the kids wanted one, the Bluetooth selfie stick was by far one to own! The hype around selfie sticks faded quickly as consumers struggled with connecting it to Bluetooth, for some it was too much of a faff.

So why am I saying you need selfie sticks on your reception tables? Well the good news is that not all selfie sticks are a faff, my recommendation is to keep it simple, a selfie stick that connects with a cable* takes all the frustration of connecting to Bluetooth (not any more read this updated post about my favourite Bluetooth selfie sticks)  out of the mix these wired selfie sticks are ideal.

*Some of the latest smartphones (iPhone 7) don’t have a traditional socket to plug this device into.

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I hope this blog post has been helpful if you’re planning your wedding in the UK and looking for a wedding photographer in North Wales head over to our wedding page for more information.