Following on from my high resolution image of Deganwy one of my twitter followers suggested that Cwm mountain would make for a nice panoramic view of my home town Llandudno. I agreed but I can look out my window and see Cwm Mountain plus I’d decided my next image would be from the Little Orme looking down over Llandudno with the sweeping promenade and bay of hotels.

You look like a flea!

So here we are a panorama of Cwm Mountain taken on 17/05/16, I found myself with an afternoon free so made hay while the sun shone! (well, there were patches of blue sky!)
It’s been a good few years since I’d walked up this mountain and as you’ll see the view doesn’t disappoint. When I reached the point I captured this panorama from it was mid afternoon and I could see my wife picking up my boys from school in Craig-y-Don, when they arrived home they looked up to the mountain and after some time of describing my location they could see me to which my eldest son Jamie said you look like a flea!
If I’ve inspired you to walk this route you access it from behind the hospital and since I last visited the site there are several picnic tables that have been installed (I can’t think of any other location in Llandudno that has a place to sit and enjoy a picnic with a such a stunning view like this)

Explore the image, zoom in and you’ll be amazed what you can see from up there. This image is best viewed from a computer connected to broadband and by clicking the fullscreen button.

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Map of viewpoint