Back in 2016 I wrote this blog post asking the question Should I buy disposable cameras for my wedding reception. In this post I suggested that the Bluetooth selfie stick was just too much of a faff and noted the frustration of many users that had them a gift the Christmas before.

Well this blog post is a follow on from that two years later with an updated recommendation…

Best Bluetooth selfie stick for your wedding reception

I have over the years purchased many selfie sticks not for taking selfies as such but for getting cameras into positions I would not be able to normally with minimum fuss. I have paid between £1-£20 for these and after much research I have come up with my number one Bluetooth selfie stick.

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Earlier this year (Jan 19) I needed to replace my Bluetooth selfie stick after trying many Bluetooth selfie sticks…

My favourite Bluetooth selfie stick is…

Benro BK10 Mini Tripod and Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Images © Benro

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So why do I like this Bluetooth selfie stick, the 1st and most important reason for this recommendation is that compared to many of the other selfie sticks I’ve used connecting to Bluetooth really is very simple and works flawlessly especially when reconnecting another mobile it just simply works and takes out all the faff.

But there are more reasons for this recommendation, this selfie stick also has a fold out handle that will allow it to act as a tripod (not in wind, you’ve been warned) great for when you want to take a selfie of larger groups.

The handle is also much larger than many other selfie sticks that will allow you to get a firmer grip to get clearer selfies in darker situations (as you can get a firmer grip you’ll have less movement of the phone/camera).

Another reason this is the number one in my opinion is, that it will take a decent load and you’re not left worrying if it will break when you use it (specs below are from the manufacturers website) Add to the above ….

  • It has a great reach
  • Its light weight
  • The remote is rechargeable off USB
  • Its great for getting invisible tripod shots when using a pocket 360° camera.

Finally this Bluetooth selfie stick is not the most expensive I bought at time of purchase this was £15.99. This was purchased from Amazon click here to view current pricing


MAXIMUM LOAD 2.2 lb (1 kg)
MINIMUM HEIGHT 7.1 in (18 cm)
MAXIMUM HEIGHT 41.3 in (91 cm)
FOLDED LENGTH 8.8 in (19.5 cm)
WEIGHT 0.6 lb (0.3 kg)

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Disclosure, links in this blog post to Amazon are affiliate links, images on this page are © Benro and my version of this is red in colour.