I love Anglesey but, having visited the island many times each year I’ve never really taken the time to photograph it, sure we have the usual family photos but I’ve never made time to capture anything worth posting. Well on a recent visit I decided I would spend a day out to capture both Menai Bridge and The Britannia Bridge in one massive photo (it is something I have wanted to do for a while) I’ve passed this viewpoint countless times before and if I’m on my own I always stop for a few minutes to take in this stunning vista. I’ve taken several photos of The Menai bridge but never captured anything close to the size of this image. If you explore the image you’ll see both The Menai Bridge and Britannia Bridge (with the Snowdon mountain range in the background) either end of the photo, but zooming in you will find church island and a memorial to the fallen in the two world wars and  the unique houses in the middle of the Menai Strait on the tiny island of Ynys Gored Goch.

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