Aerial photography for travel & tourism

Aerial photography is widely used in the travel & tourism industry showing off wide vistas, rolling hills, sweeping beaches and castles, adding another dimension to images and video from a viewpoint that for most is not often seen. Estate agents, golf courses, stately homes, mountain biking and motor sports are other areas that often use aerial photography and videography to show off to the best possible extent.

Aerial photography for weddings

Weddings don’t escape the use of drone photography, in fact this is one of the reasons we offer drone photography, venues and brides are starting to expect aerial images as part of their wedding coverage. Drone photography at your wedding can give what is still a fairly unique viewpoint for your group photos and the venue.

Licenced drone pilot

Located in the North Wales, we provide drone photography and videography throughout the region. We use pilots licenced* by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to undertake commercial services using drones. To add to this our lead pilot has an additional extended permission for night time flights. If you’re a creative or film maker and want to be hands on we can let you take control of the camera whilst our pilot controls the aircraft.

Airdata UAV|Drone Safety Verified Badge

Aerial photography is more cost effective than ever and our drones are small enough to be able to be up in the air within as little as half an hour from arriving on site.

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Note: If you are an agency or have a fixed budget for this work please note this in the description.

*Okay now the word licenced is used to save confusion. Generally the public refer to licenced drone operators as they do not realise the correct term is Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO). This is a permission that a company must obtain from the UK CAA to undertake commercial work in UK airspace.