If you’ve bought a new TV or are thinking about buying one you’ll undoubtedly of heard the term 4K or the shiny new 8K.

So what does this have to do with 360° images? Well there is a lot of confusion around this, 4K looks great on a TV but is a bit amateurish when it comes to a 360° image, why is this?

If we take a 4K spherical 360° image and flatten it it looks like this.

The above image was captured using a Ricoh Theta V, these are great cameras for quick and easy 360° capture and for fun family 360° videos they are quick and easy to use. But, when it come to showing off your property or business these really don’t cut the mustard! here’s why.


On the below image the section highlighted is what you would expect to view as you move around a 360° image in a VR Tour, however because you’re only seeing a small part of the overall 4K image your not seeing 4K all the way around. The section highlighted is only 1080p (or old school HD).

Below is an example of the same scene captured in 4K (with our pocket camera), 8K with our default professional camera (for Google Business View and Street View images) and 13K+ captured with a traditional digital camera (that’s used for High end VR Tours).

See for yourself the massive difference between the quality of the images.

Open examples full screen

Check out these pages if you are looking for a VR Tour, Google See Inside (to show your customers inside your shop) or Google Street View (to update the images from the road)